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McDonald’s has always been the most loved joint since time immemorial. Why? Well, how can we forget the Mc D Clown that used to come dancing on our television, sharing gifts and happy meals with children? I personally wanted to rush to McDonald’s and give it a hug. Their marketing strategy surely worked, and from children to adults, everyone became a fan of McDonald’s happy meals. Through this McDvoice Survey at you can earn massive rewards. The company is focused on providing affordable meals quickly and conveniently. They have products from burgers to sandwiches to big subs and fries. Survey image Survey image

What is McDvoice Survey?

McDvoice Customer Survey process is a way by which a customer can convey thei message to the company directly. You will have the power by which you can make changes in order to get good quality services and products as per your choice. The company will hear your suggestions and feedback through Survey. You will surely look at the changes that you have suggested in your next visit to any of the nearest McDonald’s outlets. This process of Mc Donald’s feedback will not take much of your time. In just a few minutes, you can help the company as well as stand a chance to win exciting rewards at the same time by log on to site:

McDonalds Feedback Survey Importance

McDonald’s is quite important from the customer’s as well as the perspective of the company. Both will have benefits from this process of Mcdonalds Customer Survey. The company does not have as much time to collect feedback from every customer in person. So they have their own way to collect feedback from the customers. This McDvoice customer survey in which a customer can give their feedback. It is crucial to the company since they will know where things are going wrong in their organization. Based on customer reviews and feedback, they change their services or products or policies to enhance their customer experience. 

You will get a McDonalds Rewards after the completion of feedback. You can redeem these Mcdonalds coupons while your visit to any of the McDonald’s outlets. The McDonalds coupons will be rewarded at the end of your survey. You just have to take it with you while you schedule your next visit. All the Mcdonalds Survey Questions at are easy to understand and it is related to your experience while you were visiting the McDonalds Outlet. 

McDonalds Rewards & Coupons

After completion of – McDonalds customer survey, you will always receive a mcdvoice coupon. With the help of this coupon code, you will get exciting discounts on your orders at any of the McDonald’s outlets. Every time, wherever you give the McDonald’s voice survey, you will receive a coupon code. There are only five chances to claim your McDonalds Coupon rewards within a month. You cannot get more rewards in just one month. You can also use a single coupon code at a time. There is no provision where you can use multiple coupon codes in a single order. Use survey receipt to enter in this process of MCD voice.

Eligibility for McDonald’s Online Survey

There are a few eligibility criteria that you need to follow up in order to claim your reward successfully. If you do not fit into these criteria, you should not opt for the process of McDonald’s feedback.

  • The age limit for participating in survey is 15. You need to over 15 years in order to participate in this feedback process. 
  • The participant should belong to the United States of America. If you are not an American citizen, then you will not able to claim the McDonalds reward. It is better not to get involved in this process, or you may get charged legally since you are going against the policy of the company.
  • You should know either English or Spanish to make the process of feedback. This process is available in just these two languages. 

McDonald’s Voice Survey Rules and Condition

The company has a set of rules and conditions associated with the survey process. In order to stay updated on all the rules and conditions, you can check their official feedback website  

  • One of the primary rules is that you should have McDonald’s store purchase receipt with you when you are taking the survey process.
  • A participant can take part in this process only 5 times in a month. You will not able to collect the Mc Donalds reward after your five turns even if you have given the feedback and received the coupon code. 
  • You can use a single coupon code while placing your order. There is no provision to use more than one coupon code on a single order. A person can use one coupon code at a time.
  • You have to claim the reward within seven days just after giving your survey at After seven days, you will not be able to claim your reward since it will get expired. 

McDvoice Customer Survey Requirements

There are specific requirements to participate in survey. All the requirements are specified on You can always check them before you process for the McDonald’s survey. Following are all the requirements needed to participate in the process of feedback.

  • One of the prime most requirements is that you should have the receipt of your order. It will have a McD voice survey code. With the help of this code, you will able to participate in the McDonalds survey for free food. 
  • A smartphone with an internet connection. Since you are going to give this survey online, you need a device in which you can open the official website of McDonald’s. And an internet connection is also important to connect to the website.
  • You should have proper knowledge of English or Spanish since the McDonalds satisfaction survey is only given in either of the given languages. There is no other option to change the language. 

McDonalds Survey Questions

There are a few sections in which all the questions are divided. You have to go through all the questions sequentially. Answer all the McDonalds Survey Questions at accurately to complete the McDonalds receipt survey. The following are a few sample questions with an explanation so that you will get a brief idea about the questions that you will face during your survey.

  • The first question is about the food items and products that you have ordered during your visit to McDonald’s outlet. All the products will be mentioned in this section. You have to select all the products and move to the next question.
  • The second section is about your review of all the products for which you have opted. You have to give your feedback based on your McDonald’s customer experience. All the options will be based on a different level of satisfaction and select them appropriately and move to the next section.
  • The next section is on the service provided by the staff members. There will be few questions on their friendly nature and their attitude towards you. Based on their behaviour, you have to give your answers to the given questionnaires. 
  • The last question will be based on your re-visitation. If you are interested in paying a visit to McDonald’s again, select a favourable option and finish the survey process.

How to Participate in McDonald’s Customer Feedback?

There is only one way possible to participate in the McDonalds feedback process and that is by their survey official site. The following are all the steps involved in participating in the MCD survey.

mcdonald's customer survey image
  1. First of all Go to McDonald’s customer experience survey official page :
  2. Make sure to keep your receipt with you while taking part in McDonalds satisfaction survey. It consists of your McDonalds survey code.
  3. Now enter the 26 digit McDonald’s survey code in the given textbox and click on Start. 
  4. You can choose the language in which you are comfortable.
  5. Answer all the McDonalds survey questions and finish the survey properly.
  6. At last, make sure to give your contact details so that they can get back to you for rewarding you. 
  7. Then you will get McDonalds Coupon Code you so can use it o your next visit

About McDonald’s Fast food company

McDonald’s is one of the famous fast-food joints. The company is renowned for its burger sandwiches and other food items. You can have a look at their menu just by paying a visit to their official website. The famous meals of McDonald’s are trendy among kids. They have a smiling joker as their symbol. The motive of the company is to spread happiness by providing its customers with the best meal they have ever tasted. They have a variety of food items on their menu. All the food items are readily available. You just have to place the order and you will receive your order without a few minutes. If you pay a visit to any of the McDonald’s outlets, do try their famous burger and make sure that you provide your feedback on their official feedback website.

McDonalds Hours

The timing for McDonald’s is not the same for all the days of the week. The regular timing for any of the outlets is from 9 am to 9 pm. The working hours can be more for many outlets at weekends. Timing for Sundays and Saturdays is 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. Some of the major McDonald stores stay open for 24hrs. A slight delay in timing for different outlets. But they are open throughout the day. You can pay a visit at any time in between their working hours. In order to get the exact timing for your nearest Mcdonald’s outlet, you can pay a visit to their official website or give a call to their customer service team.

McDonald’s Contact Details

McDonalds Customer Support
Contact Number1-800-244-6227

McDonald’s Near Me

You can easily find a McDonald’s Outlet near you. There are simple steps that you need to follow if you do not know where the nearest Mcdonald’s outlet is. You just have to know the zip code of your area. If you know the zip code of your area, you can pay a visit to their official website;


How to do McDonald’s survey without receipt?

You cannot take McDonald’s survey if you do not have the receipt. There is only one way possible to give the feedback and that is with survey code present on your receipt. You can only give an McD voice survey with a receipt.

What time does McDonald’s close?

The closing timing is different for different days and for different branches. For Mondays to Fridays, the closing timing will be 9 pm. But for weekends like Sundays and Saturdays, the closing timing can be extended up to 11 pm. Closing time can vary for different outlets and some may remain open for 24hrs. 

What time does McDonald’s open?

Every day, the McDonalds opens at 9 am. There can be slightly delayed or early opening of some outlets of McDonald’s. Some stores may remain operative for 24hrs. You can check the timing of your nearest McDonalds on their official website. 

Who owns McDonald’s?

All the rights of McDonald’s are owned by Kroc. Kroc is a multinational company that purchased McDonald’s in 1961.

How many McDonald’s are there?

At present McDonald’s has spread its business through 37,855 locations all across the world as of 2018. And as of 2020, there are 13,826 McD locations in the United States alone. 

Why can’t I take my McDonald’s survey?

There can be several reasons so that you are not able to take the McDonald’s survey. There can be technical issues from the server-side of McDonald’s, or you are violating any of the rules or conditions of the feedback process. 

Where can you buy McDonald’s gift cards?

You can easily buy the McDonalds gift cards on their official website,

How much is on my McDonalds gift card?

You can check your McDonald’s gift card in their official sites’ Arch card section,

What does a McDonald’s survey code do for you?

The McDonalds’ survey code can be used to participate in the survey process of McDonald’s. Without the survey code, you cannot proceed further in the feedback process of McDonald’s.

How does McDonald’s get their customers to survey?

At the time of checkout of your order at McDonald’s, they provide a survey code at the top section of the receipt. This can be a way to let the customer know about McD Voice. 

What can you get by doing a McDonalds survey?

You can get a coupon code at the end of your McDonalds’ survey completion. You can use it to get exciting discounts on your next order. If you are lucky, you may get a chance to win a free sandwich as well.

How many numbers in McDonald’s survey code?

Mcdonald’s survey code is 26 digits. You can find it on your receipt after placing your order.

What happens when you compliment a McDonald’s employee in a survey?

If you compliment any employee of McDonald’s, it helps in their appraisal and promotion. It will give a good reflection of the hardship of employees.

Can McDonald’s tell who took the survey?

Yes, McDonald’s has its record of customers. They can tell who took the survey and who didn’t. Your phone number is linked with your order receipt so they can monitor your survey status anytime.

What free meal do you get for filling out the survey at McDonald’s?

There is a chance that you can get an McD voice free sandwich. You can only get after your next visit to the outlet of McDonald’s.

What happens when McDonald’s gets a bad survey?

If the company receives a bad review of any of their employees or product, they will personally call you and ask you about your experience. All the necessary action will be taken in order to make it correct.

How long are McDonald’s survey codes good for?

You have to use the survey code within a week after you visit McDonald’s or your code will get expired.

How many times can I take the McDonald’s survey per month?

You can only take the survey five times in a single month. There is no provision to take more surveys after exceeding the limit.

How do I make a complaint to McDonald’s?

You can mention your complaint on the same portal of feedback. You will have a section in the same process in which you can write your concern and complaints about your experience while visiting any of the McDonald’s outlets.

How much is an egg McMuffin at McDonald’s?

The price of egg McMuffin at McDonald’s is $3.99.

How to do McDonald’s survey fast?

You just have to answer some of their simple questions. Answer all the questions quickly and complete your survey fast.

How to redeem McDonald’s survey code?

You can redeem your survey code while your next visit to McDonald’s. You have to tell the cashier about the coupon code to claim your reward.

How does McDonald’s verify survey coupons?

Your phone number is linked to your order. The order receipt number is the same as the survey code. So like this company can verify your survey code.

How to use McDonald’s survey with a mobile app?

You can use the McDonald’s mobile application to place an order. But there is no provision of providing feedback on their mobile application. You can even use the option of help in order to file a complaint. If you want to take your survey on mobile, you simply have to go to 


Now you will get full knowledge of the survey. You will know how to participate as well as what type of questions they will frame for you. You will also be aware of all the eligibility criteria after going through this article. All the rules and conditions are also mentioned in this article with proper details. You will have a brief idea about how the – McDonald’s customer survey function. 

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