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Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey to win Free Kroge Fuel Points

Kroger is an American chain of retailers with stores in various areas and is concentrated on providing a wide range of items. The Kroger satisfaction survey is held by a few major Kroger chain stores which reward the customers with a chance to enter the sweepstakes of a grand prize of $5000 gift card as well as 100 gift cards worth $100. This Kroger Survey is a blend of a few inquiries at that should be answered by the customers.

Kroger Survey image
Kroger Survey image

It helps comprehend a customer’s shopping experience and the survey itself. As it gives fundamental knowledge through which any of their administrations might be appropriately tended to or dealt with as considered essential. Rating scales and survey answers are helpful to evaluate the degree of fulfilment concerning the items bought at the store, the organization of the staff, the store, the administration etc. The Kroger sweepstakes $5000 gift card and 100 numbers of $100 gift cards which motivate the customers taking part in the survey.

KrogerFeedback Survey

The motivation driving the Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey is to chip away at the deficiencies at the Kroger stores. The substance of the Kroger experience is to get a general review of the customer’s point of view.  This Kroger Fuel Survey is made very simple for the customers as they need to undertake through rating scales, survey questions at

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey is essential in the customer’s viewpoint as it offers them an opportunity to put out their needs and complaints along with a great perk of sweepstakes-$5000 gift voucher and 100 numbers of $100 gift cards to the survey winners. Besides, it helps in giving customers a critical shopping experience that motivates them to be their recurrent buyers and prescribe the equivalent to their known individuals after their experience. 

Kroger Rewards & Fuel Points

After all the Krogerfeedback survey questions will allow you to complete the survey to win free Fuel points.  The Kroger Sweepstakes grant will be on a draw awarded to the survey winners.  Kroger customer survey prize is a $5000 Gift Card along with the first prize of 100 numbers of $100 gift cards. At any stage of the survey, the terms and conditions material to the customers partaking in the survey must be fulfilled to be eligible for the sweepstakes. Mail-in entries are also eligible for sweepstakes provided they are complete in all manners as per the terms and conditions.

What is the eligibility to enter Kroger Satisfaction Survey?

Kroger Guest Satisfaction survey has certain eligibility criteria to be a participant of the sweepstakes on offer. 

  • Participants of the Kroger Experience survey should not be less than 18 years of age at the time of entry.
  • Participants should be residents of the 50 states of the United States of America.
  • Representatives, officials and chiefs of The Kroger Co., its members, auxiliaries, publicizing and advancement offices, and their close relatives or individuals from similar family units regardless of whether related or not of such people are not qualified.
  • Participants should know the English or the Spanish language to comprehend and answer the survey questions.

Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel Points Survey Rules

For Kroger general store Survey, there are explicit qualification criteria that apply to people to become members of the Kroger.  

  • There is an inquiry identified with a question in sweepstakes for which “Yes” ought to be chosen. 
  • A member’s complete name, full postal location, phone number and their email should be given along with a consent of being 18 and above and the “Next” button tapped on to finish the study. 
  • The Krogerstoresfeedback survey is dependent upon government, state laws and laws followed locally. 
  • If you want to enter the survey without making a purchase – you can enter by post
  • Participants can take part more than once, either in mail-ins or online mode but with different valid receipt codes. 
  • The Kroger receipt should not be older than seven days for participation in online mode.

Kroger Fuel Survey Requirements

To participate in the Kroger general online survey, there are a few sure necessities as endorsed by them to be followed.  

  • The receipt of procurement from any Kroger general store is required, which has the date, time and entry id. 
  • It is crucial to have a PC, laptop, smartphone or any comparative gadget which awards access to the review page official site through an appropriate web association to answer the survey questions. 
  • English or Spanish language must be known by the member of the overview to understand the questions and answer them with comprehension.

Kroger Customer Survey Questions

The Kroger survey questions encourage participants to comprehend the necessities and needs of their customers and grasp perspectives and significant proposals of the customers as mentioned below:

  • Ongoing into the study, questions are related to the Kroger department visited the store and the overall satisfaction with the department concerned. 
  • Then there are questions related to the products of the store and the etiquette of its employees.
  • Ongoing into the study, one can see the study interrogates which ask regarding the general shopping involvement with Kroger asking about the shopping at different departments.
  • Then it gets some information about the general overview of the customers shopping experience.
  • Additionally, it asks whether one would endorse Kroger or not to their known people.
  • Questions are related to comparative other stores as well regarding their preference of visit.
  • Questions are next related to digital coupons
  • Any issues during the visit are asked about next with an option of writing about the same.
  • Then there are questions related to previous visits at Kroger.
  • They additionally ask whether one is keen on entering the Sweepstakes, for which “Yes” should be chosen whenever intrigued. 
  • At the finish of the Kroger overview the member’s complete name, full postal location, phone number and their email address should be given along with the consent of being above 18 and the “Next” button tapped on to finish the review. 

How to participate in Kroger Feedback Survey?

The Kroger Satisfaction Survey should be finished at by online mode. Make sure to follow these simple steps to take the Korger Market Survey.

kroger feedback 50 fuel points survey image
  1. To access the Kroger Survey, one needs to tap on any internet browser on one’s different gadgets like Laptop, Mobile, PC, and so on and visit the site
  2. Enter the date, time and KorgerFeedback Survey Entry ID from your receipt from any buy at one of Kroger’s stores to get to the study. Click on “Start” button to begin the survey. 
  3. Upon entering these subtleties accurately, It is trailed by the overview which helps check the customer’s inclination, behaviour and knowledge just as their general shopping and the administration of the staff of Kroger. 
  4. Before beginning the Kroger customer survey, you should submit a legit and veritable reaction and not a dishonest one. Any kind of particular convictions that you may harbour against the brand ought to neglect.
  5. The responding to the review questions ought to founded on one’s visit to any of the Kroger’s general stores on the specific date and time as mentioned before entering the survey.
  6. The “Next” tab ought to tapped on to go to the next inquiry of the survey. 
  7. The inquiries are about one’s visit, customer care and the organization of the Kroger store visited. 
  8. At last, one needs to give the complete name, full postal location, phone number and email address followed by the consent of being above 18 and clicking on “Next” to complete the survey. 
  9. On completion of the survey, you will enlist for the Kroger Sweepstakes draw of the survey which grants a $5000 gift voucher or 100 numbers of first prize to the survey winners. Monthly Sweepstakes

To participant in the monthly sweepstakes, which is a Gift card of $5000 alongside the first prize of $100 gift card. You can take part through either the above mentioned survey entering  mode or via mail- One ought to have one’s name, finished location, phone number, age on a postcard which needs to be mailed at

Kroger Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes,

PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury,

CT 06488-3547.

Mailed entries should customarily be marked by the last day of entry period. The Sponsor should receive the same by the 8th of the following month to be eligible for sweepstakes in that entry period. No buy is required for this.

About Kroger Retail company

Kroger is an American retail store chain concentrating on shopping established in Cincinnati, Ohio by Bernard Kroger in the year 1883. By Nov 9th 2019, Kroger functions either legitimately or through its auxiliaries having 2,758 staple retail locations. Kroger is the leading U.S. grocery store organization to work an efficient three-level distribution system. It has market fuel centres, jewellery stores, drug stores and top-notch brands at regular low prices.

Kroger additionally works in food production and assembling offices delivering top-notch private-label items that offer some benefit for customers and upgraded edges for Kroger. One can say the Kroger provides an exceptional standard of shopping. Kroger needs to satisfy the entirety of their customer’s inclinations and decisions so they have begun a Kroger survey at

Kroger Hours

As indicated by the Kroger hours, it opens up very early at 7:00 AM to give its customers an awesome retail experience. It shuts down at around 9:00 AM on all days of the week in most branches of the USA. This might change from branch to branch depending upon the convenience of the store and the customers. 

Kroger Contact Details

The Kroger Customer store is welcome to input from customers. The entire procedure of customer support is taken correctly here. Kroger stores have introduced the survey as a means to connect with the customers.

Kroger Customer Service
Contact Number+1 513-728-8630
Mailing Address8421 Winton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231, United States 

How to Find Kroger Near Me?

Kroger is a chain of retail stores that gives an incredible shopping experience to customers. The Kroger near me can be gotten to on The site assists with recognizing the closeness of Kroger to one’s immediate area or a particular area in specific. Kroger Near me can found through the site by entering the Zip Code, State or City or by clicking on the button that determines one’s current location and thereby determines the nearest location.


What time does Kroger close?

Most Kroger branches in the USA close at 9:00 PM.

What time does Kroger open?

Kroger opens usually at 7:00 AM in most of the branches. 

Who owns Kroger?

Kroger is operated through its subsidiaries but its official founder is Bernard Henry Kroger. 

How many Kroger stores are there?

Kroger has 2,999, including 2,757 supermarkets and 242 jewelers globally and 2,419 stores in 31 states of the United States alone by the end of 2019. 

What gift cards does Kroger sell?

Kroger sells over 200 gift cards of different varieties including Target, Lowes, ebay, Netflix and many more. You can check all the gift cards that Krogers sells in their official site; gift

Where is the closest Kroger?

The closest Kroger can be found at by entering the zip, city or state or by clicking on the button for the current location.

How to use Kroger digital coupons?

Kroger digital coupons can be used by signing up on and after that selecting the required digital coupon and adding it to cart.

How to buy an extreme coupon at Kroger?

Extreme Kroger coupons ca purchased at Kroger by visiting the site or from other sources like newspaper inserts, stores etc.

Where can I use my Kroger gift card?

Kroger gift cards can use at many stores including Krogers like Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Food 4 Less, Foods Co.,Barclay Jewelers, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Copps and many more. 

How to redeem Kroger fuel points?

You can redeem Kroger fuel points at Kroger fuel centres and participating stores by the use of Kroger Plus Card or similar ones at the pump by entering their alternate email or the card number, form of payment and fuel grade to redeem fuel points.

How do Kroger digital coupons work?

The Kroger digital coupons can be redeemed at the site by first signing up and then selecting the digital coupon to the cart to get the discount on a purchase.

How do I get Kroger fuel points after the survey? fuel survey can be redeemed on Kroger Plus Card while checking out as a mode of payment. 

When are Kroger survey fuel points awarded? fuel points will added after you fill up fuel at a gas station.

Why do some Kroger receipts have no satisfaction survey?

Kroger receipts without the survey are for Kroger purchases before the survey period.

How to do a Kroger survey with no purchase?

Kroger survey without purchase by entering into Koger Sweepstakes by mail.

Where is the entry id on Kroger survey?

Entry id on Kroger survey is below the date and time on the same receipt.

How to remain anonymous filling out a Kroger survey?

People can remain anonymous by not filling up personal details during the Kroger survey.

How much do I have to purchase to be able to enter on the Kroger feedback?

Purchase at Krogers is unnecessary to be a part of the survey.

How to give feedback about Kroger pharmacy?

Feedback about Kroger pharmacy can be given on

How do I check my Kroger fuel points?

You can check Kroger Fuel points on receipt of the next purchase or the website of Kroger. Also, you can check your Kroger fuel points by registering your Kroger Plus Card number. 

How do Kroger fuel points work?

One has to visit the cashier and thereafter insert the Kroger Plus Card at the gas station. The discount process should be completed by entering Kroger Plus Card number or alternate email manually, and then the form of payment and fuel grade to get discounts.


Kroger finds a reasonable method to appreciate the perspective of the individuals and along these improve its present association over the retail stores concerned. In a like manner, the customers get the means through which they can express their issues to the organization. Any issues experienced while shopping at the Kroger general stores concerned will be taken care of suitably. Krogerfeedback Survey Rewards sweepstakes worth $5000 gift cards as the grand prize and the first prize of $100 gift cards. 

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