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www.GetGolistens – Win Great $2000 Gift Cards @Getgo Survey

GetGo has started as an online survey (getgolistens) to get an idea of the level of customer satisfaction that they are getting. Being one of the most popular gas station chains, GetGo knows that customer satisfaction is the key to any business’s success. By entering www.GetGolistens survey and providing some personal information like your name and email address, you can enter the monthly sweepstakes in which you can earn a 2000 dollars gift card. Now, that’s a lot of cash just for reviewing their service!

GetGoListiens Survey

GetGo is a popular gas station cum convenience store owned by Giant Eagle. As GetGo sells gasoline, foods, beverages, snack items, automotive products, and everyday usage souvenirs. Recently, GetGo has opened up an online portal www getgolistens com survey where recent customers could come and leave their valuable feedback on their service and win exciting coupons.

www.GetGolistens Survey image
www.GetGolistens Survey image

Why should I take GetGo  Guest Satisfaction Survey?

GetGo had seen its share of ups and downs from when it was started as crossroads in 1985, giant eagle fuel in 2001 and finally as GetGo in 2003. It has been a sturdy and reliable partner for travellers in states like Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. GetGo strives to fulfil all the customer’s demands and expectations and do more. GetGo sells gasoline, snacks, beverages, beer, tobacco, groceries and most of the day to day use souvenirs.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction now and in the future, GetGo has initiated, an online customer satisfaction survey platform. All the GetGo feedback from this online portal will be collected and recorded for the betterment of their services. So it will help them for improving customer satisfaction and reaching the expectations of the customers. All the customers completing www.GetGolistens survey get discount getgo gas rewards and more. Consumers even stand the chance of winning gift cards through entering into the monthly sweepstakes.

GetGo Gift Cards

If you’ve been to a GetGo recently and have the receipt then you can get a chance to win a 2000$ gift card coupon. Participate in the GetGo Guest Satisfaction Survey at, enter the code mentioned in your receipt from your previous visit.

 At the end of www.GetGolistens survey, you will be asked to fill in details like your first name, your last name, your email address and so on. Upon entering these details, your name will be listed for the GetGo sweepstakes monthly where you have a chance of winning a 2000$ gift card. Along with sweepstakes, almost all consumers who take the survey can wub GetGo Coupons and or free food items on your next visit to GetGo.

Who Can take part in GetGo Survey?

Any completion or program has its own set of guidelines for who can and cannot participate in the program/completion. Similarly, www.GetGolistens Survey also has its own eligibility criteria for customers aspiring to enter the survey. The eligibility criteria are:

  • The applicant must be of the age of 18 or above to join the survey. 
  • GetGo Feedback survey is open only to the legal citizens of Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia, District of Columbia and Pennsylvania.
  • All kinds of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco purchases at GetGo outlets are not accountable for the survey.
  • Must provide the digital code present on the receipt to enter www.GetGolistens survey.

Rules and Conditions @ www getgolistens com survey

Similar to any other contest, the GetGo listens Customer Survey has its own list of terms and conditions. So keep these things mind while entering the survey or the sweepstakes.

  • Only one entry per person, that is only one entry per email address.
  • No prices can be won if the customer satisfaction survey is left incomplete by the participant.
  • A person from a household will be eligible to win and take the prize.
  • Customers must enter the digital code printed on the receipt to enter the survey.
  • Must provide the date and time of the visit to GetGo station.

What do you need to complete survey @ getgolistens com ?

There are some necessities that the customers must have to complete GetGo Customer satisfaction survey.

  • A Smartphone or Computer or Tablet with an active internet connection. Since the survey is an online survey, the customer must have access to a computer system or smartphone with an active internet connection to be able to open the portal.  
  • The receipt from the most recent visit to your nearest GetGo. You need to enter the digital code printed on the receipt actually to enter the survey. And it is the first question on the portal.

What Will They Ask In GetGo Feedback?

Now that you know how to enter the GetGolistens survey and have the rules in mind. Let’s look at the type of questions that they might ask in the survey. Questions in the Getgo Listens Survey as expected are mostly going to be on the service provided by GetGo Customer Survey and the items they sell.

  • About the behavior of staff.
  • Cleanliness of the place.
  • Overall satisfaction level of your most recent visit to GetGo.
  • Quality of service provided.
  • Satisfaction with the pricing of items.
  • Accuracy and speed of service.
  • Problems, if any, faced during your visit to GetGo.

How To Participate In GetGo Listens Survey?

The following is the step by step guide to enter GetGo Listens survey to win GetGo advantage card.

GetGo Customer Satisfaction Survey Image
  1. You have to go to the official site of GetGo at
  2. Enter the receipt code to start with the customer satisfaction survey of GetGo.
  3. Recall your most recent visit to a GetGo station and use that as a guideline when you are answering the questions on the cleanliness, behavior of the staff and so on.
  4. Answer the questions with at most honesty and care.
  5. Enter details like your full name, email address, etc.;
  6. Note down your GetGo coupon code.
  7. Enter the sweepstakes to win exciting offers and rewards and exit the survey.

GetGo Sweepstakes –  One more chance at Luck

GetGo has monthly sweepstakes, which you can enter simply by completing the survey. You need to enter your details like your name and email address to enter the sweepstakes. The gifts or prices include a 2000$ gift card and so on.

All About GetGo

GetGo is a convenience store/gas station owned and operated by Giant eagle. As it operates in the states of Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The GetGo started purely as a gas station chain in 1985 named “cross roads,” in 2001, Giant Eagle decided to buy some gas stations under crossroads and GetGo came into being in 2003. GetGo has been able to maintain a unique concept of itself away from the traditional “gas station at supermarket” concept.

Even though GetGo has struggled sometimes to keep up with its competitors, it is doing pretty well now. They have introduced interesting and beneficial schemes now and then to keep the customers coming in. One of them is the “fuel perks” scheme in which customers can save some money on the gas they purchase at the GetGo. They have also started the “food perks” program in which customers can get a 1% discount for every 10 gallons of fuel purchased from the Advantage card. This scheme is applicable to the Pittsburgh and Cleveland market after being tested in the market of Columbia. These days, they are entertaining a GetGo card scheme in which the customers could save money on flight tickets to different destinations using the points that they earned.

GetGo Hours

GetGo is open 24 hours. It is not uncommon for a gas station to be open around the clock, but the GetGo convenience store is open round the clock for the comfort of customers too.

GetGo Customer Service

At GetGo, they address all the queries of customers in the order that they receive them in. In case a customer has some urgent queries, then the company suggests them to get in touch with their nearest GetGo.

GetGo Contact Info
Contact number1-800-553-2324 or 1-866-620-0216 (Indianapolis Customers)(Monday – Friday || 9 am to 9 pm)
Customer satisfaction survey

How to Find Getgo Near Me?

 GetGo operates in the states of Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Columbia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. In these locations, you can find your nearest GetGo using the “GetGo locator.” You can go to the official site of GetGo café and click on the “Find a store” option. Then, enter your zip or postal code to find the nearest GetGo to you. Link


What are rewards for participating in GetGo listens?

All the customers who enter the survey get discount coupons to be redeemed in a limited time. By completing the survey, you can enter the monthly sweepstakes where you can win a gift card of 2000$.

What time does GetGo close?

GetGo is a 24 hours open gas station/ convenience store.

How to use GetGo points?

You can redeem your GetGo points to book flights to your desired destination at a cheaper price.

How to get a new GetGo card?

You need to go to the site and submit the request for a GetGo card with your new GetGo membership number that must merge with your existing account.

Do GetGo points expire?

No, the GetGo points do not expire, so you need not rush to use them.

What gift cards does GetGo sell?

GetGo sells gift cards as well. You can log in to your account and enter the code to check the balance on your gift card.

Final Words

GetGo is one of the most popular Caf and gas station chains in its operating regions and is trying its best to bring customer satisfaction to 100% with its customer satisfaction survey- “Get Go listens”.

All you need to know about the www.GetGolistens Survey from what the survey is about, how to enter, how to win the reward and some frequently asked questions are included in this article and much more. So, to complete the survey with ease and win exciting prizes, take the help of the above guidelines.

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