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Dairy Queen is one of the most famous American chain restaurants known for its soft ice creams and various other desserts. The restaurants have branches all over America and have lots of people visiting their stores for a scoop of ice cream or a taste of their delicious dishes. The survey conducted by the restaurant is meant to know the feedback of the customers. If you love ice cream and do want certain benefits such as discounts and some add-ons from Dairy Queen, then do take the survey as it would help you in getting certain rewards. So, let us know more about how to take part in f Dairy Queen Survey and its rules and regulations. 

DQFanSurvey Feedback Survey image Survey image

The survey program of Dairy Queen started to know whether the restaurant can satisfy its customers or not. In this DQ Fan Feedback Survey, you need to rate their experience and share their feedback with the team. Based on the suggestions and feedback, the restaurants try to improve their services and menus. Dairy Queen does value the feedback and suggestions that they receive from the DQ fan survey and works on them from time to time. In return for the valuable feedback at :, the restaurant provides its customers with certain benefits such as discount coupons, reward points, add-ons, freebies and many more. The feedback program helps Dairy Queen to connect with its customers efficiently and know about their opinions.

Dairy Queen Feedback Survey Importance

The free dilly bar feedback started with the purpose of growing with the change in trend and knowing about the needs of their customers. With the help of the dairy queen survey program, it is trying to improve and mix with the new era.

But why should the customers take this DQ fan survey? You might be thinking that, with the help of survey, the company is getting the benefit of changing and improving itself. However, what do the customers get from it? Well, the customers get several benefits after completing the Dairy Queen free dilly bar survey, like discounts, reward points, free items and many more. Apart from that, the suggestions that the customers provide based upon introducing new items in the menus, are worked upon and they can see the results in a few weeks. So the customers get not only a dish based upon their suggestions but also several other benefits by taking part in the survey.

Dairy Queen Rewards

Once you participate in the dairy queen feedback survey, then there are several benefits that you would get. The first thing that the customers would get is the updated information about the restaurants and change in menus. You would always get the latest news and updates made in the menus of DQ and the locations of the new restaurants. Apart from that, you would be the first one to get informed about the upcoming offers in the restaurants.

The next benefits would include Dairy Queen coupons, Dairy Queen rewards which you can use during your next purchase. One of the most valued rewards is the free Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen, which is the special ice cream which one can only get from the DQ stores. Next time, if you are craving for a Dilly Bar, then you know how you can get one for free. You can participate in survey by clicking in the link provided here:  

Eligibility to Take Part in DQ Fan Feedback Survey

  • The participants should be legal and permanent residents of the United States
  • All the participants should be at least 18 years of age while taking survey
  • To take part in the survey, the participants must have a recent purchase from Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Survey Rules

The DQ fan feedback Survey has some strict rules, and if you are thinking of participating in it then you should follow these rules for sure. So, here are the rules and regulations that every participant should follow to take part in the DQ fan survey.

  • A survey invitation code, present in the receipt, should be there to enter survey
  • The employees and their relatives are not eligible to take part in the survey of Dairy Queen
  • You need to take Dairy Queen online survey within 7 days of your recent purchase.
  • The participants can take part in survey only once, with a single receipt

Requirements you Need to Participate in the DQ Fan Survey

In order to participate in the Dairy Queen Feedback Survey, there are certain things that you would require. So here is a list of things that would help you during the survey time, and make sure to have all the things mentioned in the list

  • Make sure to have a smart device like PC/Laptop/Smartphone with a stable internet connection  to help you complete the DQ fan survey 
  • The most important thing that you would need is the recent DQ purchase receipt with the survey code printed on it.
  • A basic understanding of English, French or Spanish is required to understand the questions and answer accordingly

DQFansurvey Questions

In a free dilly bar Feedback, you would be asked various questions about a restaurant, there are some questions which you would most likely be asked. Below are some of the questions from the DQfansurvey, which would help you to know a bit about the survey

  • The first thing that every survey asks is the survey code that is printed on the receipt. In this survey of DQ, you would be asked to enter the 19- digit survey code after which you can participate in survey
  • Next questions which you would be asked are about the food and its quality. There are questions like “How would you rate your food” in which you would have to rate the quality of the dish that you had ordered
  • Questions based on food prices, like whether you think the meal was overpriced or if the prices are okay or not
  • There are questions on the cleanliness of the restaurant and if the staff service was helpful to you or not.
  • How often do you visit the restaurant?
  • Are you satisfied with the service and your experience at the restaurant?

How to Participate in DQFanFeedback Survey?

Here is a step by step guide to DQFansurvey Feedback, which would help you in taking part in it and win amazing rewards.

dairy queen customer satisfaction survey image
  1. The first thing that you need to do is go to Dairy Queen Customer Satisfaction survey  page link at 
  2. In the next page, choose your preferred language to proceed with the survey. There are three options from which you can select, English, Spanish or French
  3. Now, enter the 19- digit DQ survey code present on the receipt of DQ
  4. The next step includes entering your phone number, the date and time of the purchase from the store.
  5. Click on the “Start” button after which you would take to the next page with Dairy Queen Survey questions
  6. There would be questions based on food quality, staff service, cleanliness and many more. Answer the Dairy Queen Survey questions honestly and then click on “Submit.”
  7. In the next page, you would get a redemption code. Note down the code in the receipt and use it during your next visit to the Dairy Queen.

About Dairy Queen Fast Food Restaurant Company

Dairy Queen started its first store in 1940, under John F. McCullough intending to bring the best desserts to the residents in the United States. Since then, it has grown and has expanded its stores in various locations, making DQ available to people even in remote areas. The founder, John, started developing soft-serve formulas to create the softest and the most delicious ice creams in the area, which was dearly loved by the people. Since then, the stores have become a favourite and continue to serve its customers to date.

Dairy Queen Hours

Being a huge chain store with a wide array of branches, Dairy Queen has differing operating hours. The US headquarters operate from 10:30 AM to 10 PM, while the other branches operate between 9 AM and 12 AM.

Dairy Queen Contact Details

If you have questions about the survey program or need help with anything related to the survey, you can contact DQ’s customer care. Here are the details of the customer service center of Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Customer Support
Contact number1 866 793 7582
Mailing addressDairy Queen Canada 5045 S. service road Ste.3000 Burlington, ON L7R 3Y3 
Survey page 

Dairy Queen Near Me

Dairy Queen officially provides a store locator on their website through which you can browse for your nearest DQ store. Visit for detailed information on your desired DQ near me store in your surroundings. 


What time does Dairy Queen close?

Dairy Queens’ branches have varied hours of operation. The headquarters of DQ usually closes at 10 PM while the rest of the branches are operative between 9 AM to 12 AM. 

What time does Dairy Queen open?

Dairy Queen usually opens by 9:30 AM.

What does DQ mean?

DQ is the abbreviation used for Dairy Queen.

Who owns Dairy Queen?

The owner of Dairy Queen is Berkshire Hathaway.

Where is the nearest Dairy Queen?

The nearest Dairy Queen can be located using the store locator of their official site,

When is the free cone day at Dairy Queen?

The free cone day at Dairy Queen is usually on March 20. 

What is a Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen?

The Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen is the most exclusive soft serve with a chocolate coating.

How much are Dilly bars at Dairy Queen?

A single Dilly bar would cost you $1.29 from the DQ store.

How many calories in a Dairy Queen Dilly bar?

A Dairy Queen Dilly Bar consists of 220 units of calories.

What do I get for completing a Dairy Queen survey?

You get a redemption code after completing the Dairy Queen survey at, which would help you in getting a free Dilly bar from the store.

Where is the survey code for Dairy Queen?

The 19 digit DQ survey code is available in the middle section of the Dairy Queen purchase receipt. 

Why did Dairy Queen get rid of the DQ rewards app?

Dairy Queen got rid of its DQ rewards app, as there were specific issues that the customers were facing while ordering from the app.

What rewards can you redeem at DQ?

You get rewards worth $0.10 upon each purchase that can be redeemed as tasty rewards on your next Dairy Queen purchase.

How much is on my Dairy Queen gift card?

You can know your DQ gift card balance by dialling the toll-free number 800 605 9371. 

Dairy queen gift card where to buy?

You can buy a Dairy Queen gift card from the participating store itself.

Where is the pin on a Dairy Queen gift card?

The pin on the Dairy Queen gift card is located at the backside of the card, beneath a silver coating, which you need to scratch off in order to know your pin.

How do I get a free blizzard from Dairy Queen?

You can get a free blizzard treat from Dairy Queen by signing up in the DQ mobile app.

Is Dairy Queen closing?

Dairy Queen has recently announced that it would close around 29 stores to maintain the profit of the stores.

Final words

With the sole goal of customer satisfaction, Dairy Queen always tries to come up with innovative and creative sweet treats. To know about the customer perspective of Dairy Queen, they came up with the idea of this survey. This would not only benefit them for improvement, but DQ is also giving away beneficial rewards to those who take survey. So, go ahead and leave your positive feedback for DQ and get their deliciously finger licking Dilly bars along with many more. 

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