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Chance To Win Amazing $1000 Coupon

What? $1000! Yes, you read it right. is offering a chance to all its customers to bag this exotic prize. Now that I have your undivided attention, hear this too that this prize is no joke, and the Company is distributing this prize for real! How to win this? Well, the answer is quite simple. All you have to do is participate in the CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey and give your unfiltered and honest feedback. image image

If your feedback is candid, you can win this prize! But before you rush off to participate in the survey, there are specific eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled by you; otherwise, your chance to win this $1000 might slip right under your nose and by your hands at that. So, let’s begin!

You must be thinking, what the heck is this? Why would the company even distribute such a huge amount just for some feedback? Your doubts are on the mark. But understand this that CVS Pharmacy stands for Customer Value Store. And so, the feedback of its customers is of very worth to the Company. And the best part is that to claim your eligibility for this prize, all you have to do is participate in the Customer Satisfaction Survey. Submit your candid and unfiltered feedback from your experience and who knows you might be the lucky customer to win this prize!

And if you are assuming of some coupons and gift cards worth $1000 that you better sleeve up, because that’s not the case at all. It will award you the prize as ExtraBucks in your CVS account for your candid feedback. Yup, you read that right! Imagine all the things that you can use your savings to buy from this reward, the dress that you have been eyeing on the store for all this time or maybe a new Phone by saving in your grocery, beauty and necessity products and not to mention your pharmaceuticals too. All these can be all yours! But on the condition that you participate in the CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Why should I take CVS Pharmacy Survey?

Well, the first reason for the above question would be the humongous cash reward that the company will distribute to the winners. Because only a customer who has availed the Company services can suggest what the areas that need to be improved are. After all, there is always room for improvement!

And since CVS Pharmacy stands on the very foundation of the store. The value of CVS Feedback from its customer can be justified and its $1000 prize too! And who knows? Your feedback might surprise you when you visit the store the next time or avail any of its services. And participating in this survey won’t hurt; after all, there’s nothing to lose! But only benefits from either side, that is, even if you don’t bag the prize and if you bag the prize. The cat is all yours! 

CVS Survey Coupon & Rewards

Don’t worry at all! The prize is no joke, it’s for real! But there might be a twist to it. Yes! The Company will distribute $1000 for sure. But in instalments of $10 will be given to the winners of the survey each month in the form of ExtraBucks. These will be either credited in their accounts, or they can print the receipts of the same from their emails. As for the distribution of the prize, the Company will select the winner through a random drawing each month.

Each month, the Company will draw the winners based on the random lottery to ensure fairness. Each month’s winners will receive $10 as ExtraBucks, which they can print from their emails or apply to their CVS accounts. And it can redeem these ExtraBucks on your next purchase from the CVS Pharmacy and stores.

When you complete the survey, then there will award you with ExtraBucks with the limited time this offer is valid. And only one member of a household is allowed to avail the prize once a month. Therefore, several household members may respond to the survey but they will award only one member of it ExtraBucks.

Are you eligible to participate in the CVS Feedback Survey?

Just as I mentioned earlier; there are some game rules to this survey that need to be satisfied before you participate in this survey! 

  • One must be a legal citizen of the United States, for this survey is only limited to the citizens of the United States.
  • Age must be 18 years or above to participate in the survey.
  • Bill receipt of a recent order in the CVS Pharmacy or Store.

It must be duly noted that it must satisfy all the above conditions before participating in the survey, else all the responses violating the criterion mentioned above will be considered null and void and, hence, rejected. And won’t be considered for any award. Therefore, make sure to abide by all the guidelines mentioned above to avoid rejection of your response.

CVS- Survey Rules

  • coupon & rewards are not transferable.
  • Employees and their families are not allowed to be a part in CVS Feedback survey.
  • You need to participate in the survey within 7 days from your recent purchase.
  • CVS Pharmacy Store Receipt valid for one entry only.

CVShealthsurvey Requirements

  • Must be able to read and write in either of the languages English or Spanish.
  • A Laptop, phone or PC to participate in the CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey only if the criterion mentioned above is fulfilled.
  • They can only fill the Internet Connection to fill out there for this survey online. Offline mode isn’t available!

What are the Questions on

CVS stands for Customer Value Store and so the survey will also ensure the same! The survey will consist of a particular questionnaire that needs to be filled by the customer as per their experience in the CVS Pharmacy or Stores that they visited. The questionnaire in the CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey will probably consist of the following, after all, is said and done. CVS pharmacy and store are retail stores-

  • Your experience in the CVS Pharmacy and Stores near you.
  • Suggestions for improvement if it lacks any?
  • Are the goods, services and delivery as per your satisfaction?
  • Rating for the services of the stores and services offered by the CVS Pharmacy and Stores.
  • Any issues or dissatisfaction that you faced during your time in one of its stores?
  • Would you recommend CVS Pharmacy and Stores for its products and services to your family and friends?
  • Hygiene and sanitation aspects of CVS Pharmacy and Stores nearby you.

How to Participate in CVS Customer Survey?

Well, that’s a very simple question to answer! All you need to do is participate in the CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey and claim your eligibility to the prize. How? Just follow the following mentioned steps and instructions to participate in the CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey and redeem your rewards. But before you start, make sure to follow all the criteria discussed earlier! Following are the steps that need to be followed:

CVS Pharmacy Survey Image
  1. Go to  and keep your bill receipt handy.
  2. Choose Language either English or Spanish to start the Survey.
  3. Once you have accessed the survey site of the CVS Pharmacy and Store, fill out the 17 digits that are mentioned on your bill receipt and proceed.
  4. Now fill out all the questionnaires in the survey as per your experience. Make sure they are original and candid.
  5. At the end of the survey, they will ask you to provide with your full name, address, ZIP code and phone number.
  6. They will notify you with an email if you win the survey.

In case you haven’t purchased in the CVS Pharmacy and Store, make sure you do because you will need a survey to provide the 17 digit number to proceed with the survey. And do remember that one response is limited to one receipt; hence, no receipt can be used twice.

All About CVS Pharmacy and Stores

CVS Pharmacy and Store is a United States-based company which provides a range of services which includes groceries, beauty products and even medicine for your needs. The CVS stands for Customer Satisfaction Store and, to ensure their customer’s convenience, the Company also offers Home delivery services of medicine in less than 1 hour. Stanley Goldstein Hebreux found the Company at 57 years ago back on 8th May 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts, United States.

Today, the store has more than 9600+ stores across the various states of the United States. They found CVS Pharmacy to help people on their path to better health. The store, along with drugs, medicine, groceries, beauty and cosmetics, also includes goods such as seasonal merchandise and greeting cards. The CVS pharmacy, along with its focus on profits and business, also emphasises on various social responsibilities. This provides for the promotion of a community whose aim is to sustain, educate and engage in helping patients with AIDS and HIV and is rendering free health services to people who can’t afford the treatment.

CVS Hours

Check the CVS Pharmacy hours to avoid any unexpected disappointment! Following are the opening and closing hours of the CVS pharmacy and stores:

   CVS Pharmacy Hour of Operations
Store and PhotoMon-Sun: 08.00am-10.00pm *Saturday: CLOSED
PharmacyMon-Fri: 08.00am-09.00pm Sunday:10.00am-06.00pm, *Saturday: CLOSED


Sunday:  09.00am-4.30pm, *Saturday: CLOSED

Now that you know the time. What are you waiting for? Look at the time! Hurry! Before they close for the day.

 How to Reach out CVS Health Pharmacy?

In need of medicine delivery or emergency grocery shopping? Don’t worry, CVS Pharmacy has got you covered. Following are the contact details of CVS Pharmacy Customer care.

CVS Pharmacy Contact Info
Customer Care Contact DetailsCVS/Pharmacy Helpline: 1-800-SHOP-CVS



ExtraCare Helpline:          1-800-SHOP-CVS

                                          1800-746-7287 Mobile App:    1-800-SHOP-CVS


MinuteClinic:     1-866-389-ASAP


Mail AddressCVS Corporation
Customer Relations
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Survey Site
CVS Official WebSite 

CVS Pharmacy Near Me

You can check for your nearest CVS store using its official store locator; You can also browse it through google maps.


How to leave feedback for CVS?

You can leave feedback for CVS through CVS Customer Satisfaction Guest Feedback survey Online; Participate in the survey and stand a chance to win $10 ExtraBucks for your honest feedback! 

What time does CVS close?

That depends on the kind of service that you want to avail for CVS store and Photo services close at 10.00 pm, CVS Pharmacy closes at 09.00 pm on weekdays and 06.00 pm on Sunday’s and MinuteClinic of CVS closes at 07.30 pm on weekdays and 04.30 pm on Sunday’s while some of the CVS stores remain open for 24hrs. 

What time does CVS open?

CVS store and Photo services open at 08.00 am, CVS Pharmacy opens at 08.00 am on weekdays and at 10.00 am on Sunday’s and MinuteClinic of CVS opens at 08.30 am on weekdays and at 09.00 am on Sundays. Some stores are open for 24hrs. 

Who owns CVS?

CVS Health American retail and health care company owns CVS.

What gift cards does CVS sell?

It sold monetary gift cards at CVS. They can use this money for the purchase.

How to redeem the coupon at CVS?

To redeem any coupon at CVS, first one has to link their ExtraCare with their CVS account and then click on the ‘Deals and Offers’ section once the card has been added. After that, they have to click on the ‘Send to Card’ option for any deal/Coupon they want to redeem.

How to do a customer survey for CVS without id?

Participate in the CVS Customer Satisfaction Guest Feedback survey online to avoid using an ID. However, you will need to input your full name, address and ZIP code at the end of the survey and a recent bill receipt to participate in the survey.


CVS is a wide array of multi retailers providing products to customers with excellence and sublimity. Take part in and give them your treasured feedback and help them improve themselves to serve you better. Also, CVS is rewarding its customers to participate in their with extrabucks distributed in the form of $10 each month for up to $1000. 

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