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Bonefish Grill experience survey spearheaded by Bonefish Grill restaurant is a comprehensive arrangement of questions at that comprehends a customer’s overall restaurant dining experience. Satisfied customers regularly return and buy more and also refer others in regards to their experience.

Bonefish Grill restaurant’s survey is in itself far-reaching and the questions of the survey can measure the customer’s perspective. Besides, it benefits the customers too as the Grand Prize is a $ 1000 cash along with eighty $50 Bloomin’ Brands Gift Card, which is subject to the fulfilment of the terms and conditions as deemed applicable for the same. image
Bonefish Grill Survey image

This is a seafood restaurant that was pioneered by Tim Curci and Chris Parker in Tampa, Florida, on January 15, 2000. The Bonefish Grill restaurant began with the plan to bring to people exciting dining experiences, especially of seafood, served in different forms at a reasonable cost. Bloomin’ Brands had procured Bonefish Grill on October 5, 2001, at a time the chain was operating in just three areas.

Bonefish experience discovers the requirements of customers, fathom issues with items. Rating scales, as well as answer writing, are used to measure the degree of fulfilment of customers for the food item purchased. The overall dining experience, the conduct of staff of the restaurant visited, administrative issues, and so forth to deduce a conclusion on the analysis. Besides, it benefits the customers, too, as the Grand Prize offered for taking part in the survey is a $ 1000 cash along with eighty First Prize of $50 Bloomin’ Brands Gift Card. The cash prize or Bonefish coupons are subject to the fulfilment of the terms and conditions as applicable for the eligible participants of the survey.

About BoneFish Grill Restaurant Survey

Bonefish customer satisfaction survey is significant in the customer’s perspective as it comes with the survey Grand Prize of $1000 and eighty numbers of the first prize of $50 Bloomin’ Brands Gift Card. In light of the survey, the customers will benefit as they get to know that Bonefish Grill restaurant cares about their opinion and would like to incorporate their point of view to make improvements as deemed necessary. Customers will understand and value that Bonefish Grill considers their view and thereby feel valued to be a part of the survey process.

Additionally, the customers are now be able to voice their interests at the correct stage, which will understand their concerns and are ready to take necessary actions in case they were disappointed with any of Bonefish Grill restaurant’s administration or service. Bonefish Grill restaurant is relied upon to make changes in a way that will keep a note of the customer’s concerns and make necessary changes in their administration or service on their visit to the restaurant. Besides, the Bonefish Grill restaurant customer survey benefits customers as the survey gives an insight into customer behavior analysis, which helps Bonefish Grill restaurant understand the demand for specific dishes.

What is the Prize of the Review? – BoneFish Rewards

For participating in the Bonefish Grill customer satisfaction survey, a validation code shall appear at the end of the survey. The offer will be redeemed on the receipt on the next visit to any of the Bonefish Grill restaurants. Bonefish rewards include the Grand Prize of $1000 and eighty numbers of first prizes of $50 Bloomin’ Brands Gift Card, which will be awarded to the winners of the survey.

However, to win the cash prize or Bonefish Grill coupons, the terms and conditions that apply to the customers participating in the survey must be fulfilled. The prizes offered will also apply to all other Bloomin’ Brands Customer Survey and besides, the odds that the survey results in a win shall be dependent on the eligible entries as received from this and the various Bloomin’ Brands Customer Survey Sweepstakes.

Requirements to be a Part of the BoneFish Feedback

To take part in the Bonefish Grill restaurant online survey, there are certain specific requirements. Be that as it may, there are surely certain specific necessities which are referenced as under:

  • The Bonefish survey is free and it must be taken by online mode or mail-in mode only. In this manner, there is a requirement of getting to
  • Laptop, PC, Tablet, or Mobile with a decent web association for online entries.
  • Mail-in entries should be mailed at Bloomin’ Brands Customer Survey Sweepstakes, PMI Station, P.O Box 3586, Southbury, CT 06488-3586.
  • The receipt from a recent buy at any of the Bonefish Grill’s restaurants will be required for online entries or for mail-in entries.
  • The survey questionnaire is in the English language for online mode. In this way, knowledge and comprehension of the English language are obligatory to react to the survey questions.

 Rules for BoneFish Grill Restaurant Survey

For the Bonefish Grill restaurant survey, not everyone is qualified to be a participant of the survey as there are specific qualification criteria for individuals to become participants at the Bonefish Grill restaurant survey.

  • The participants may enter online or by mail. Participants who register online may access the Bonefish experience page at the website. 
  • Receipt code from one’s latest purchase at any of Bonefish Grill’s restaurants is required in the case of participants who apply by online mode and not for those applying by mail.
  •  The age of the participants of the Bonefish Grill experience survey should be a minimum of 18 years of age or older and not below this age limit on the date of entry.
  • The members of the survey should be legal residents of the 50 states of the United States of America, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico(“Eligible Area). The participation is void outside the (“Eligible Area). Participation is void outside the (“Eligible Area).
  • Employees, officers and directors of the Bloomin’ Brands, Inc(“the sponsor), participating restaurants, their franchisees, licensees, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies and the immediate family members ( spouses, siblings, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, and spouses of the foregoing irrespective of their place of living) or members of the same household ( irrespective of being related or otherwise) of such individuals are not eligible.
  • Participation in the Bonefish survey is subject to federal, state and local laws.
  • Customers need to understand the basics of the English language to understand the survey questions to participate and answer in online mode.

What is Being Asked?  BoneFish Grill Restaurant Survey Questions

The Bonefish customer satisfaction survey questions are aimed at understanding the customer’s overall dining experience as well as the management of the staff and various other constraints related to consumer behavior. The Bonefish Grill feedback helps them to understand the overall preference of their customers and accordingly make any adjustments or changes as required. Also, the survey helps gauge the customer’s insight and valuable suggestion. The questions of the survey are:

  • Did you interact with a manager during your visit?
  • Did you make your reservation over the phone?
  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Bonefish Grill.
  • Were you greeted upon entering the restaurant?
  • Did you have a reservation?
  • Did you want to be seated?
  • Please rate your satisfaction with…
  • Did you experience a problem during your visit?
  • Based on this visit, what is the likelihood that you will…
  • Based on this visit, will you return?
  • Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following:
  • Please tell us why you were highly satisfied with your experience at this Bonefish. Be as specific as you like.
  • Including this visit, how many times have you visited the Bonefish Grill in the past three months?
  • What is the primary reason you visited this restaurant?
  • Including yourself, how many people were in your party?
  • What did you order?
  • Were you made aware of Happy Hour?
  • Did a member of the staff thank you when you were leaving?
  • Did the server point out the featured wine list?
  • Please indicate your gender:
  • Did the server point out the daily specials?
  • Please indicate your age:
  • For us to better understand and serve our customers, please enter the zip code. If you prefer not to provide your zip code, please click the next button.

How to be a Part in BoneFish Customer Satisfaction Survey?

  1. To access the bonefish survey, one needs to click on any web browser on one’s devices like Laptop, Mobile, PC, etc. and visit the website
Bonefish Grill Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. Enter the 18 digit code at the bottom of the purchase receipt. click on the start button to begin the survey.
  2. Upon entering the receipt code correctly, the survey questions will gauge the customer’s preference, insight, overall dining experience, and the service of the staff from the Bonefish feedback.
  3. The survey questions should be answered correctly by clicking on the available choices or answering the questions based on one’s recent visit to any of the Bonefish Grill’s restaurants. 
  4. The “Next” button should be clicked on to go to the next question of the survey. 
  5. The questions are about one’s visit and request, the staff’s helping nature, customer organization, and the administration of the Bonefish Grill restaurant visited.
  6. At last, one needs to give one’s zip code to help Bonefish understand and serve better if one wants to and click on the “Next” button to finish the survey. 
  7. On completion of the survey, one will, therefore, get a validation code for entry into the sweepstakes drawing. One must take the note the same and come along with the receipt to the Bonefish Grill’s restaurant. One must hold on for the next draw, and if fortunate, they will get in touch.

BoneFish Grill Sweepstakes Survey

Bonefish Grill sweepstakes which is a Grand Prize of $ 1000 cash along with eighty $50 Bloomin’ Brands Gift Card as the first prize follow the below steps:

How to participate in the Bonefish survey by online mode?

  • Open the Bonefish Grill’s survey site on any internet browser through a Laptop, PC, Mobile phone, etc.
  • It is essential to enter the 18-digit receipt code at the bottom of the purchase receipt from any purchase at one of Bonefish Grill’s restaurants.
  • This is trailed by questions related to the Bonefish Grill restaurant visited, which ought to be deliberately replied. 
  • Next, the survey questions are addressed genuinely dependent on one’s most recent involvement with any of the Bonefish Grill’s restaurants. 

Steps to participate in the Bonefish Grill Feedback by mail-in mode

  • One should have the name, complete address, telephone number, birth date on a postcard and earmarked by the last day of the entry period and received by sponsor by the eighth of the following month to be eligible as a participant.
  • purchase is not needed to participate by mail-in mode.
  • Mail the postcard entries with sufficient postage and on first-class mail at Bloomin’ Brands Customer Survey Sweepstakes, PMI Station, P.O Box 3586, Southbury, CT 06488-3586.

About BoneFish Grill Restaurant

The Bonefish Restaurant has concocted the vision to carry seafood into the eating regimen of individuals at a reasonable cost. The organization presently has around various restaurants that take into account different territories like Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, and Bar. The different segments accessible at the restaurant give the customers a rich encounter while they relish on their dining experience. Also, Bonefish Grill serves the catering needs of individuals and thereby serves the customers across several regions through their catering service, which helps order from the various regions covered. Bloomin’ Brands had taken over Bonefish Grill and, thereafter, managed its functionalities.

Bonefish Grill’s procedures are guided by the suggestions and reports of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and given government guidelines. They are additionally associated with the Ocean Trust, a sea preservation establishment for the supportability of the ocean. The chain effectively seeks after reasonable practices through proper examination. A portion of their fish occasionally experiences DNA testing to guarantee assorted variety and legitimate species labels.

BoneFish Hours

As per Bonefish Grill Hours, it opens up in the near-noon hours, at 11:00 AM and beginning assistance at this time enables Bonefish Grill to serve its exotic Brunch and Lunch menus every day of the week and closes at 11:30 PM across many Bonefish Grill restaurants. However, the timing of the start and end of service may differ across other Bonefish Grill restaurants and on different days of the week. Additionally, it caters to a wide segment of individuals who love exotic sea cuisine at this time of the day as opposed to early morning, which benefits them.

How to Contact BoneFish Grill Seafood Restaurant?

Customer care at the Bonefish Grill chain of restaurants is responsive and the entire procedure of customer assistance is taken in a proper manner here, as can be felt by the presentation of the Bonefish Grill Survey. The following are the contact details of the Bonefish Grill’s Restaurants. They may be connected to any inquiries.

Contact Number1-800-488-1803
Survey Page

BoneFish Grill Near Me

Bonefish Grill has several restaurants and dining in the closest area accessible is not a matter of concern now as the different locations of Bonefish Grill restaurants is accessible by the website The website helps to identify the nearness of comparative stores close by under the Bonefish restaurant chain. Bonefish Grill near me can also be found by browsing through google which will give you every detail of the nearest Bonefish Grill restaurant that is nearest to your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check Bonefish gift card balance?

Bonefish Grill gift card balance can be checked at Grill?. The 19- digit card number should be entered, followed by the 4-digit pin and the “I am not a robot” button should be clicked, followed by the “Submit” button.

 Who owns the Bonefish Grill?

Bloomin’ Brands owns the Bonefish Grill restaurant.

 What time does Bonefish close?

 Grill restaurant closes at 11:30 PM across a majority of its restaurants on many days of the week.

 What time does Bonefish Grill open?

Grill restaurant opens at 11:00 AM across the majority of its restaurants on many days of the week.

 Where is Bonefish Grill near me?

Bonefish Grill restaurant is accessible on the website website helps identify the nearness of the Bonefish Grill restaurant chain to oneself or a specific location.

 Does Bonefish Grill give AARP discounts?

Bonefish Grill gives AARP discounts to save 15% on the dining bill ( this excludes alcohol, taxes applicable as well as a gratuity)

 Does Bonefish Grill take reservations?

Yes, Bonefish Grill takes reservations.


Bonefishexperience addresses consumer loyalty overview and dissects the methods through which the organization finds a good place in the perspective of the individuals. Along these lines, any alterations to its service will be done based on the survey. Plus, the customers likewise have a reasonable conclusion about the administration, which encourages them to undertake the survey. Any issues encountered while dining at the restaurant concerned are addressed and in this manner, the customers can get a thought of what more can be expected in the future. Moreover, the consumers also benefit as winners.

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