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 BJ’s Customer satisfaction survey is more like a chance to win prizes worth $500 and this lucky might just be you. How? Easy! Just participate in the BJ’s digital Sweepstakes @ and win prizes worth $500. Just as alluring this deal seems to be, there’s also happens to be a twist here too! As just like every game has its rules, this alluring deal does too and the funny thing might be the fact that this survey might be not just for everyone, which means the odds of winning this prize becomes thick and thin all at the same time. Want to find whether you are in or out in this game? Here is the complete BJ’s feedback Guide. Survey image image

BJ’s is the United States-based leading warehouse club that offers services from groceries to bring you the comforts and joys of travels with exciting offers and discounts. And recently, It has started BJ’s feedback survey to improve as per the modern times and bring the customers their desired satisfaction. And what’s more? The company is not asking to spare your time on its survey just for free! Nor is it asking you for a recent receipt! Yes, you read it right!

Unlike most of the sweepstakes and survey, you won’t need a bill receipt of any of the services or purchase for BJ’s survey. And no extra purchase will boost your chances to own BJ’s Gift card worth $500. And that means that you don’t need to spend extra money or any money at all! All you have to do is fill out your candid and unfiltered feedback even if you had visited or enjoyed any of this service quite a while, even that “quite a while ago” feedback is just fine to make you lucky enough to win a gift card worth $500. Just think how much you can save on your monthly groceries and gas bill and use that extra saving to pamper yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

Why Should I Take Bj’s Feedback Survey?

It is important to fill out such surveys for they enable both the parties to earn benefits. That’s because the company will know the flaws in services and try to improve.  Customers on the other are more satisfied with the services provided and are happy with their purchases. See, a mutual symbiosis phenomenon!  Of course, you should, after all, there’s nothing to lose. You don’t have to enter the details of a recent bill from the BJ’s which is invalid if the bill is quite old. So, what’s the harm? BJ’s offers its customers goods and services that are 25% cheaper than the regular prevailing prices.

Bjs Rewards and Coupons

This www BJs com feedback survey might fill you with a $500 worth BJ’s Gift card. So what exactly is the reward that we are so excited about? So, as per the rules and conditions, one lucky winner will be randomly selected every month among all the eligible feedbacks and responses that the company will receive in that month who will bag the BJ’s Gift card worth $500. However, it must be duly noted that every eligible participant is limited to one response per month. This means no one can send thousands and hundreds of responses in a month pointing out every single flaw in the BJ’s services just to win the $500 BJ’s Gift card. And you cannot exchange or transfer the Gift card for cash!

Who are Eligible to Participate in BJ’s Guest Survey?

Before weaving yourselves into any kind of hopes and dreams, please ensure that you are eligible to participate in this BJs Survey contest. How? Well, don’t worry! Below are the required criteria and conditions that are necessary before entering the sweepstakes contest.

  • One must be a legal citizen of the given states of the United States: CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, VA and VT. survey is limited only to the East coast states of US.
  • One must be 18 or more than years old to participate in BJ’s survey.
  • Sponsors, Employees and their family members, as well as any affiliated agents, agencies or anyone with any kind of connection to the BJ’s Company, cannot participate in the survey except for the customers. for Survey & Rules

BJs has set out a few rules before entering survey and they are-

  • You have to be a legal resident of countries- Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia to take part in the survey.
  • It is mandatory to have a valid receipt from BJs to take part in the survey.
  • You will be allowed to take part in the survey only once a month.
  • The survey prize can neither be sold or transferred at any cost. 
  • You need to give genuine personal information for BJs to get back to you regarding your survey prizes.
  • If you are a winner and fail to collect your survey reward, it will indefinitely be transferred to an alternate winner of the survey.

Requirements to Complete www BJs com Feedback Survey

You have to fulfil the requirements put forth by BJs survey and they are given below-

  • You need to have a mobile, laptop or a PC with a proper internet connection.
  • Participants should have a valid receipt from your recent visit to BJs.
  • You must have a basic knowledge in either of the languages- English or Spanish.

What Will be Asked in Bj’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Well, the questionnaire consists of 10 questions. However, it must be noted that participation in this survey is entirely voluntary; not all the questions need to be answered.

  • Your experience in BJ’s and feedback on its goods and services.
  • Suggestion for improvement, if any.
  • Any moment of dissatisfaction, if so. What could have been done to relieve it?
  • Future expectations etc.

How to Take BJs Feedback Survey Online?

Here are the simple steps to participate in the BJ’s Customer satisfaction survey. Following are the steps and instructions that need to be followed while filling out the BJs Feedback survey-

Bjs Online Survey Image
  1. First of all Visit BJ’s guest survey official page
  2. Now choose Language either English or Español and click on Next.
  3. Here you can see the Bjs Feedback Message as “You need most recent BJ’s shopping trip receipt to continue the survey, and click on “Next”.
  4. Now you can see a question that “Are you or any of your family currently employed by BJ’s. Here choose “No” option to continue.
  5. Make sure that you have recent BJ’s Store Purchase receipt and click on Next.
  6. Now you need to enter details from Recent BJ Purchase Receipt like Club, Register ID, Transaction number, Cashier ID and date of Purchase and Click on Next,
  7. Once you click on Next BJ Feedback Survey Question will appear on your screen. Provide answers for those questions to complete your feedback.
  8.  Enter your Personal details including Name, Email, Phone number, age, etc to enter Bjs digital sweepstakes.
  9. Finally, submit your BJs Feedback to get a chance to win a $5,00 Bjs Gift Card Balance monthly!

BJs  Digital Sweepstakes

If one wishes to participate in survey without any purchase in BJ’s franchise in the past, one will have to send your handwritten feedback on a piece of paper with dimensions 3”x 5” along with your name, address, ZIP code, birth date and Day & Night contact number and mail it to the following address-

Wholesale Club, Inc., 

Survey Sweepstakes

Box 5230, Westborough, MA 01581-5230

Search Results
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About BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s is United States-based Company as well as of the leading warehouse club operator in the East coast states of the United States. The company offers a variety of services to its customers which includes Supermarket facilities, Electronic items such as TV’s, Gas and Travels etc. The company also offers services such as same-day Grocery home delivery, pick-up in Clubs and loads of exciting BJ’s discounts coupons for the convenience of its members.

The BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. is a family of more than 5.5+ million people across the eastern states of the United States with more than 217+ wholesale clubs and 140+ BJ’s gas locations. The Company boasts of a lot cheaper and quality services that have led it to such a vast family and billions of handsome profits annually. The BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. founded by Mervyn D. Weich back in 1983 and is a massive success at present. 

BJs Hours

Want to go Grocery shopping? Or want to go to take your pick-up? Whatever might be the reason, it’s always better to know the timings of the store. Hence, the following table illustrates the timings of BJ’s of your week.

BJ’s Working Hours

Club HoursMon-Sat: 09.00am-09.00pm


Sun        : 09.00am-07.00pm

GasMon-Sat: 06.30am-09.00pm


Sun       :  06.30am-07.00pm

BJ’s Customer Service

Well, not satisfied with the services of the BJ’s? Below are the details of BJ’s Customer care and believe they are all ears to your problems, reach out to them and they will clarify your problems.

BJ’s Contact Info
BJ’s Member’s care 800-257-2582
Mailing Address-BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc., Monthly Survey Sweepstakes


P.O Box 5230, Westborough, MA 01581-5230

Official Website
Survey Website


What time does BJ’s close?

 BJ’s of different sectors have different closing timings. However, it is better to visit any of their stores before 07.00 pm.

What time does BJ’s open?

All have different opening and closing timings. However, it is advisable to visit any of these stores after 09.00 am.

Who owns BJ’s?

BJ’s is owned by Leonard Green and Partners and is a public entity.

How many people enter BJ’s feedback survey monthly?

Loads of people enter BJ’s Feedback Survey monthly at However, one response is limited to each person in a month.

How do I cite a survey from BJ’s?

All the responses once submitted are the property of BJ’s and will not be returned. Hence, there is no reference to any survey from BJ’s.

Where to give BJs feedback?

One can give their feedback to BJ’s through the online portal of the company or can participate in the online survey of BJ’s through the links in the register. Or can mail it to them.

How likely is BJ’s feedback?

The chances of winning BJs feedback survey for any and everyone is just as high and low as anyone as they have a random lottery option of picking out the winner. 

What can you use the BJ’s gift card for?

You can use BJ’s Gift cards for the purchase of goods and services from the BJ’s store and services. However, the card is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for money as well.

How to get BJ’s rewards?

One can get their hands on the BJ’s awards by participating in the BJ’s customer satisfaction survey or by enrolling to their membership programs as well through the official website of BJ’s.

Where to put a coupon on BJ’s?

One can redeem the coupon by entering its code before checking out if ordering online or by giving the code of the same to the code to the cashier while billing your stuff offline in the stores.

How to get BJ’s coupons?

One can get BJ’s coupons by enrolling in the membership program of BJ’s or by creating your account on the BJ’s official website.

Is BJ’s owned by Walmart?

No, BJ’s is not owned by Walmart. It is a public entity.

What BJ’s means?

BJ’s is an American membership Club Company based in the eastern coast of the United States. And it doesn’t stand or means anything.

How much is BJ’s membership?

BJ’s one-year inner circle membership is worth $50, whereas BJ’s 10-12 months auto-renewable internship is $25.

Where is the nearest BJ’s?

 That depends on the location of the person. Hence it is subjective.

How many BJ’s stores are there?

There are a total of 216 stores in the United States.


We have reviewed all the requirements and cautions, which needs to be kept in mind while filling out the BJ’s Sweepstakes contest. Otherwise, it would result in the rejection of your response and the chance of winning a $500 gift card. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Laptop, Phone or PC and start filling out the survey. Or mail your response without any further delay! For who knows, luck might just be this survey away. Whatever might be the case, hurry and best of luck! After all, this is a random lottery and in lotteries, wishes work more than logic!

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