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Barnesandnoble feedback process introduced by Barnes and Noble Company,. As the customers who have bought any book from their store can use the receipt to enter survey and win high rewards. Barnes and Noble are one of the most notable bookselling companies whose store can be seen in almost every college campus and relevant area. Books are a person’s first best friend. And the saying is very accurate as it not only gives you knowledge but will also stay with you forever. The company helps in providing books to students as well as people belonging to any profession. Starting from educational to inspirational, fantasy as well as romance, Barnes and Noble have it all.

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Barnes and Noble’s survey process is a way by which you can convey your experience to the company. It is a chance provided by the company to know customer experience during shopping. This process is conducted for the customers on Barnes and Noble to improve the system of the company. At the end of this process, you will stand a chance to win a Barnes and Noble Gift Card Rewards. You can use a Barnes and Noble coupon to get a discount on your next purchase in any outlet of Barnes and Noble. The process is quite easy. Just follow up on the article and you will complete your feedback.

Barnes and Noble Customer Survey Importance

This Barnes & Noble Feedback process is fundamental from the company’s point of view since it is the way by which they will know the issues faced by the customers. Even it is crucial from the customer end too since it is the smartest way to communicate your query or share your experience with the company. It is profitable for Barnes and Noble and customers as well. The company will reward you with the gift card of $500, which can be used in any outlet of Barnes and Noble. Also, this process will not take much of your time.

All the questions of survey will be based on your experience in the shop. You just have to answer all the questions and collect the Barnes and noble coupon at the end of the process. If you have any queries, there is a provision of writing it in your own words. If there are some good experiences regarding the hospitality at any outlet of Barnes and Noble or any other thing, you can mention this process. Most of the questions will be with multiple choice answers, so you just need to select the appropriate option among them. It will hardly take your 10-15 minutes.

Barnes and Noble Rewards

24 Barnes and Noble Coupons rewards are generated every year. 20 Barnes and Noble gift card balance of $25 released every month. If you are lucky, you can get one of them in any month. Those Barnesandnoble feedback gift cards can be used in your next purchase at any of outlets. To claim your reward, you need to go through the feedback process of Barnes and Noble.

In the end, you will know what reward you have received. Every month, 20 lucky customers who have gone through survey process will receive a gift card of $25. The reward, which is undoubtedly received by all the customers who go through the survey process is an ARV monthly prize of $500. This reward is secured to all the customers. You can avail it anytime you want as soon as the process is ended. You can use this card in your next purchase of books, CDs, or any other products from the shop.

Eligibility for Barnes and Noble Feedback Survey

  • You must be an American citizen. This implies that you should be residing within the boundaries of American land. 
  • The participant should be over 18. If you are under 18, you are not at all eligible to take part in survey process.
  • The last criterion is that you should not be an employee of the same company. If you are, you are not eligible to participate in the Barnes and Noble feedback process.

Rules and Condition for Barnes and Noble Survey

There are specific rules and regulations; you need to follow to complete your Barnes and noble feedback survey to win free coupons. The following are some conditions that you need to be aware of while taking part in this process.

  • You need to complete this process of feedback within a month from the date of purchase.
  • The Participant cannot exchange the reward in terms of money. You are only able to use it in the stores of Barnes and Noble. 
  • If you are an employee, you should not initiate the process of feedback since you are not eligible to claim the reward.

Requirements Barnes & Noble Feedback Survey

There are just a few basic things which you need to have to complete Barnes and noble guest satisfaction survey.

  • You should have a smartphone or tab with an internet connection to participate in  
  • You need a proper understanding of the English language. The process of Barnesandnoble feedback will only be conducted in the English language. 
  • Receipt of purchase from any store of Barnes and Noble. The receipt will have an invitation number which allows you to enter in this feedback process.

Questions Asked @ barnesandnoble

To start the process of feedback, you need to visit Barnes and Noble’s feedback page. You have to put the proper date of your visit to the shop and the survey number provided on the receipt. By pressing the start button, you can proceed to the next stage. The following are some of the questions that you may face during the process.

  • First question is related to the product which you have bought from the store. You can select more than one option from the given list.
  • Second question is related to the quality of the product which you have received. There are several options present on satisfaction. Select any one of the options and proceed to the next one.
  • Next question is based on the hostility received by the customer during shopping by the employees. There will be several options present based on satisfaction. You have to select any one of the given options.
  • The next section is a textbox in which you can write your experience in your own words. Write a paragraph and convey your query, if any.
  • Last section is based on your overall experience. On the level of satisfaction, choose any one of the given options and end the process by pressing the finish button.

In the end, you will receive a Barnes and Noble gift card validation number, which you should note it down for further use.

How to participate in Barnesandnoblefeedback?

There is only one way possible to participate in the Barnes and Noble feedback process and that is via their official feedback website. Make sure that you have recent receipt that is received after your transaction in any store of Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble Survey
  1. Visit Official website of Barnes and Nobles: and start the process.
  2. Enter the date of the visitation in the required field.
  3. Enter the Barnes and noble survey code that is printed on the receipt.
  4. Now click on start and a list of questions will be displayed to you one after the other. Answer them honestly and based upon your real experience.
  5. Finish answering the questions and click on Finish.
  6. The Barnesandnoblefeedback page will ask you for your name and contact details to contact you in case you win.

About Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble is a bookselling company situated in New York, United States. The first branch was established in 1886 by Arthur Hinds. They sell several products such as eBooks, DVDs, music, magazines, books and many more. They also come under the list of Fortune 1000 companies. At present, they have over 627 outlets throughout the country. They are one of the leading companies in the section of booksellers.

Barnes & Noble Hours

Stores of Barnes and Noble are open on all days of the week except public holidays. You can pay a visit at your convenience. The timing for Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 9 pm. And on Sundays and Saturdays, it is from 10 am to 9 pm. Check the timing before you go to any outlet of Barnes and Noble by calling their helpline number.

Barnes and Noble Customer Service

Use the following information to contact Barnes and Noble to get proper assistance. You can use all this information at any time since the customer service is available at all the time.

Baren’s and Noble Contact Info
Contact Number1-800-843-2665
Survey Page

Barnes and Noble Near Me

You can easily locate the store of Barnes and Noble near you. To know the nearby store, you should first be aware of the pin code of your area. You just have to visit to Barnes & Noble Store locator page  You can search the store by providing your area or pin code. Just click on any one of the provided options and you will get the address. You can use it to reach the doorsteps of Barnes and Noble outlet near you.


Do Barnes and Noble have a rewards card?

Yes, Barnes and Noble do provide you with reward cards based on your purchase.

What is Barnes and Noble rewards program?

Rewards program of Barnes and Noble is a system of the company in which customers receive rewards based on their feedback or purchase.

Can I use my borders rewards card at Barnes and Noble?

No, you cannot use border reward cards at any of the Barnes and Noble stores.

What time do Barnes and Noble close?

Every day all the stores close at 9 pm.

What time does Barnes and Noble open?

For Mondays and Fridays, all the stores open at 9 am, but on Sundays and Saturdays, they open at 10 am.

Who owns Barnes and Noble?

The company Barnes and Noble is owned by Arthur Hinds.

Where can you buy Barnes and Noble gift cards?

You can get the gift card of Barnes and Noble from any of the stores nearby, or there is also the facility of buying it online as well.

How to use a Barnes and Noble gift card online?

You can buy any product online and use the gift card for billing at the end.

Where is the nearest Barnes and Noble?

You can get the nearest Barnes and Noble store by paying a visit to their official website. For further more instruction, check the section of Barnes and Noble near me in this article.

How do you leave seller feedback on Barnes and Noble?

You can use their official website of Barnes and Noble to leave your feedback.

How can I know my gift validation number if I lost the gift card Barnes and Noble?

You can ask the cashier to check your Barnes and Noble gift card balance in case you have lost your gift card. You can get help over a phone call as well.

How do I make a complaint to Barnes and Noble?

You can use the feedback system of the company to file your complaint any discomfort. 

What delivery service do Barnes and Noble use?

Express delivery service used by Barnes and Noble to deliver their orders.


Here you will get all the required information about the Barnes and Noble survey . You will be fully aware of the rules and conditions for this process, as well as the eligibility criteria. All the rewards and coupons received at the end of the survey are mention in this article. Even the sample questions are mentioned with proper explanation. This article will help you through the process of Barnes and Noble’s feedback.

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